Applied Precision Design is a mechanical design consulting firm specializing in offering the
design of complete and integrated hardware design solutions to our customers.  We offer multi-
disciplinary engineering services in the following categories:

Mechanical Design:

1. Design Specifications
2. 3D Solid Modeling
3. Conceptual Design
4. Detail Mechanical Design
5. Tolerancing / Drawings

    Finite Element Analysis:

    1. Mechanics and Structural Analysis
    2. Vibration and Modal Analysis
    3. Computational Fluid Dynamics Analysis
    4. Thermal and Heat Transfer Analysis
    5. Frequency Response Analysis
    6. Mechanical Engineering Hand-Calculations


    1. Documentation / BOM / SAP and Oracle
    2. Assembly Procedure & Support
    3. Design Rework / Debug / Correction
    4. Testing Plan & Procedure for:
      - Mechanical Fit and Functionality
      - Precision / Repeatability / Accuracy
      - Stability and Drift of mechanical systems
      - Reliability and Failure Analysis
      - Vibration and Modal Testing
      - Thermal Response and Fluid Flow Dynamics
      - Optical Alignment / Performance

Applied Precision Design rapidly provides elegant hardware designs to our customers in order
to enable them to accelerate the development of their products.  We take ownership of an
engineering problem and design hardware solutions while providing expertise in all supporting
fields of Mechanics, Dynamics, Fluid Dynamics, and Thermal Sciences.  We offer Integration
Services to follow up with our design and release all necessary documentation for assembly
and testing such that the design is complete and ready to production.  We also offer actual
analytical modeling, hand calculations, and closed-form solutions instead of purely relying on
analytical softwares.  This provides an insight into the problem and reduces number of design
iterations. In general, Applied Precision Design takes an overall “design” approach which
drastically reduces the time it takes to produce complete, accurate, and reliable designs.  
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